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Passport Consultation FAQ
How long does the consultation last?
The free consultation lasts no more than 15 minutes. From our experience this time is usually sufficient.
Who will consult me?
Your questions will be answered by our company representative. We have more than 25 years of experience in expedited passport services, so you can be confident in the competence of our specialists.
Do I have to make an appointment for a phone consultation?
We recommend that you make an appointment, so our agent will be assigned and available to you and to reduce wait time.
Can the consultation be done in person instead of over the phone?
If you are located in the same area, please feel free to stop by our office. We still recommend making your appointment online and following up with an email or a phone call to alert us you plan to come by.
Can someone else receive a consultation on my behalf regarding my passport needs?
Yes, we can consult anyone, as long as they relate the necessary information to you.
Do I need a consultation, or can I do it all by myself?
It is up to you how to proceed, but we introduced this service after seeing many applications returned or delayed due to incomplete or incorrect paperwork submitted to the State Department. It is better to get it right from the start than having to deal with special requests from the Passport Office and waiting longer than usual, and we can help you get it done properly.
Is this just a verbal consultation, or am I also getting help with preparing my documents?
We are happy to assist with all paperwork for a fee. We can complete your DS-11 or DS-82 application, check your supporting documents for accuracy and relevance, make sure your passport photos satisfy the requirements, and your payment is issued properly. Then you will only need to submit your application and accompanying documents independently.
Do I need to have my paperwork ready before receiving a consultation?
If you have not started working on your application package, our consultant will advise what paperwork you need to prepare. If you have started and have questions about your documents, our consultant will answer them.
Is the consultation like a lecture or more of a conversation?
The format of our interaction is up to you. You can ask questions, and our agent will answer them, or you can ask to be told whatever you need to know about the process, and we will provide maximum amount of information based on our knowledge and experience.
Let's make it clear
We are a private company not affiliated with the United States government.

We charge a modest fee for our service, and that will save you hundreds of dollars most passport expeditors charge. We always suggest trying to get an appointment on your own first. And only if decide that you need our help, we will be happy to assist!
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Fast, professional services! I was informed every step of the way.
Farrel Gulierm
Honestly they worked a miracle! I needed my passport for a medical trip and procrastinated but they came through!! Super pumped with how easy and fast they were!!
Samuel Willson
I loved being able to track where things were at through the whole process.
Sarah Lewin
Great service if you're in a pinch like me and needed a passport ASAP. Thanks!
Alex Larkins

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