Need a passport in the next 14 days or faster?
We will help you get it!

If you travel in 14 days or sooner
you need emergency appointment at the
U.S. Passport office. We'll get you one!
We set up your emergency appointment at any of the 26 State Department U.S. Passport Offices for same-day passport issuance.
No need to send anything anywhere. Your documents are always with you. No mail delays, middlemen, no overpaying expeditors, no worries.
Compare this to $499-$1850 other passport expeditors charge! Pay only after we confirm your appointment for the same-day U.S. passport issue.
How does it work?

You fill out a short online form

We will ask few questions required for the U.S. Passport office to book same-day passport appointment for you. We will ask for a proof of departure (if you do not have it, we can get it for you).
We schedule your Appointment
Appointments at the U.S. Passport Office are usually confirmed within 1-3 days and are scheduled approximately 3 days before your international departure (or date the passport is needed).
You get your Passport issued!
You visit U.S. Passport Office on the date and time we schedule for you and get it processed and issued on the spot. You will pay directly to the Passport Office and avoid overpaying to middlemen.
US Passport FAQ
How strict is the 14 day rule? What if my flight is in 10 days? Or 20 days? Can you help me?
Yes, we can get your urgent same-day passport appointment at the Passport Office even if your emergency requires you to fly as fast as 3 business days from now. And if you need your passport within 2 to 6 weeks, we can help you get a proof of immediate travel to get it faster as well.
How fast will you get me appointment at the Passport Office after I complete online application?
Usually we have a confirmation of set appointment from the Passport Office within 1-2 days.
Will this appointment be good for just new US Passports? Or can it be used for renewals or lost/stolen passport reissue?
Your urgent Passport Office appointment is good for any US Passport service: Passport Renewals; New Passports; Child Passports; Passport Replacements; Passport Name Changes; Second Passports.

What if I need to get a foreign visa in my US Passport before I can travel? How far in advance can I get an appointment?
If you don't have your passport and will also need a travel/business visa issued in your passport after you get it, plan additional 2 weeks for your visas after you get your passport.
What proof do I need to provide in order to get urgent passport appointment at the Passport Office?
Usually you would provide a confirmed travel itinerary showing your international travel date within 14 days. If you have a family medical emergency, or death in the immediate family, you can provide official document showing your immediate family member is outside of the United States, and he or she has died, or is dying (hospice care), or has a life-threatening illness or injury.
How and when do I pay for this service?
When you fill out service request form on this site, you will be asked to enter your credit card number at the end. We authorize payment at this time to start working on your case immediately. However, we guarantee that we will get your urgent appointment at the US Passport Office near your or we will immediately refund the full amount charged. Please read our service and payment guarantee at the bottom of this page.
I already applied for my new passport or renewal and my case is at State Department being processed. But my flight is soon and I need my passport now. Can you help?
Yes, we can. Just like getting your confirmed appointment with the U.S. State Department, we can get your passport issued in time for your trip. The price and procedure is pretty much the same for this service.
Let's make it clear
We are a private company not affiliated with the United States government, but we are able to get through the red tape and book urgent same-day passport appointments in cases when it is close to impossible to do it on your own.

We charge a modest fee for our service, and that will save you hundreds of dollars most passport expeditors charge. We always suggest trying to get an appointment on your own first, as you may get lucky :) If you get an appointment, take your proof of urgent travel and go directly to your nearest passport agency. And should you need our help to accelerate process, we will be happy to assist!
Got it. I want your help with my passport
Fast, professional services! I was informed every step of the way.
Farrel Gulierm
Honestly they worked a miracle! I needed my passport for a medical trip and procrastinated but they came through!! Super pumped with how easy and fast they were!!
Samuel Willson
I loved being able to track where things were at through the whole process.
Sarah Lewin
Great service if you're in a pinch like me and needed a passport ASAP. Thanks!
Alex Larkins
⚡ Get Your Passport On Time⚡
or get your full payment refunded immediately if we do not get your confirmation of the urgent appointment at the U.S. Passport Office
We will procure a confirmed appointment for Same-Day US Passport issue at the Passport Office closest to you within the next 2 business days if your departure is within 1 week. If your departure is between 1 and 2 weeks, confirmation of your appointment may come any time in the next week. Please note, that your actual appointment for Same-Day Passport issue is usually scheduled for the last 72 hours before your confirmed departure! It may be for early (8:30AM) hours with an afternoon passport issuance. If you have an early/late evening flight, you should be able to fly on that same day.

Our Money Back Guarantee: if we do not get your confirmed appointment at the US Passport Office within the time frame specified above, we will return your money back to your card

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